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Kazan Hotel Group OOO (Limited Liability Company) is a network of 4-star hotels uniting two unique hotels: Shalyapin Palace Hotel and Grand Hotel Kazan.

«Shalyapin Palace Hotel»

The  4-star hotel in historical center of the city of Kazan. The hotel is located at the pedestrian Bauman street in the building of the reconstructed architectural monument of 19th century. The hotel history is inseparably associated with the name of the great opera singer Fedor Ivanovich Shalyapin who was born in Kazan and baptized in the Epiphany Cathedral near the building of our hotel.

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«Grand Hotel Kazan»

A super modern 17-story hotel, having become the second hotel of Kazan Hotel Group network. The two high-status hotels of the city offer excellent hotel rooms with capacity for accommodation of more than 500 guests simultaneously! The hotels are located very close to each other that is a major advantage for the guests. 12 conference halls allow to satisfy any business needs. 

On the roof of Grand Hotel Kazan at the height of 100 meters located one of the best observation points with a view over historical center of Kazan!

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