Additional services



We will be glad to organize your leisure and book sight-seeing and thematic tours and quests in Kazan. Whatever route you choose, there is no doubt that you will spend your time efficiently!


Flight and train tickets anywhere can be bought at 24/7 reception desk. Furthermore, upon your request we will order and deliver tickets for any events you are interested in that are held in our city. Flowers


What can be better than a beautiful bunch of flowers? Only original bunches made by professionals. In our hotel you may order fresh flowers, gift bunches and flower compositions that can leave a lasting impression.

Baggage rooms

Are you leaving the city later the check-out time? You may leave your baggage in the baggage room and return to pick up them at any time!

Taxi order

You should not take care of taxi to the airport or the railway station! Our manager at the reception desk shall order a taxi and warn you upon its arrival.

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