Fitness gyms

Fitness gyms

In Kazan in 2009 was opened one more super modern hotel - Grand Hotel Kazan, that has become the second hotel of Kazan Hotel Group network right in the center of the city: these are two pearls of touristic Kazan – Shalyapin Palace Hotel and Grand Hotel Kazan. The two high-status hotels of the city offer excellent hotel rooms with capacity for accommodation of more than 500 guests simultaneously!


Shalyapin Palace Hotel creates all conditions for comfortable stay and joyful leisure for its guests.The hotel provides a wide range of additional services, and if you are looking for the best fitness facility of Kazan, you won’t have to go far - it operates at the hotel right in the center of Kazan at Bauman pedestrian street. It is located: on the first and the second floors of the hotel near the central entrance. Read more


We offer all our guests to visit Grand Fitness fitness center at Grand Hotel Kazan for free! Sauna, Turkish bath, gym equipped in accordance with the up-to-date standards and instructor’s service are provided for to take care of your beauty, health and well-being.

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