20% reduction shall be offered to guests residing in the hotel from 15 to 30 days.

Book under promo rate Shalyapin Hotel Book under promo rate Grand Kazan Hotel

Reduction for guests staying for more than 30 days amounts to 30%.

Book under promo rate Shalyapin Hotel Book under promo rate Grand Kazan Hotel


- Breakfast – buffet – Free Internet within the hotel
- visiting of the fitness center, sauna, swimming pool
- free parking (upon prior request and if available)
- Opportunity to get a discount for further stay at Shalyapin Palace Hotel, Grand Hotel KAZAN
- Laundry every 5 days gratis (laundry of not more than 1 kg during 5 days)

These tariffs are valid until December 31, 2018* in case of full payment for the whole period of stay for 7 days prior to the guest check-in.

* except for school breaks and holidays from February 23 to February 25, 2018; from March 8 to March 12, 2018; from April 28 to May 1, 2018; from May 9 to May 13, 2018; from June 9 to June 14, 2018; from November 3 to November 5, 2018; from June 14, 2018 to July 14, 2018 (FIFA 2018 Football World Cup), New Year holidays from December 28, 2018 to January 8, 2019 The offer is provided for individual guests only and only in case of booking in the hotel booking office

The present offer may not be summarized with other offers and discounts and does not participate in the Loyalty program.

More information and booking of rooms under the present offer may be made by calling the booking office at: 8 (843) 231-10-56, 231-10-57, 231-10-58, and via e-mail: reservation@shph.ru и reservation@ghkzn.ru

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